Fertilising your Lawn in Spring

Spring is an important time to fertilise as your lawn begins to wake up from winter dormancy. 


The weather is warming up and your grass is starting to grow again.

You have managed your lawn through a cold winter and it is almost time to undertake your spring lawn care routine. Spring is an important time to fertilise, as your lawn breaks the winter dormancy. Your fertiliser application will assist the lawn to jump into growth as the weather warms up.

You need to make sure you don’t get too excited and spread it out too early, so timing is key when applying fertiliser in spring. Apply fertiliser too early and you won’t get the full benefit and nutrient uptake from an actively growing lawn. This change in growth normally occurs in warm-season grasses at soil temperatures around 14 degrees Celsius.

The best time to apply a fertiliser is when the lawn starts to actively grow, once the lawn has needed a few regular mows. For most areas this will be around mid-October.

You will need to assess your lawn for any weeds prior to an application of fertiliser. Early spring is a germination period for weeds. When things start to heat up, the plant growth rate increases which could potentially bring weeds out of hiding. If fertiliser is applied before these weeds have been completely killed off, fertiliser will only feed the weeds.

Wait 1-2 weeks after weed treatment before applying fertiliser, thus ensuring all weeds have been eradicated.

For more information on weed control click here.


When applying fertiliser, it is important to choose a slow-release granular fertiliser that will provide a slow release of nutrient to your lawn throughout spring. A good feed of slow-release Nitrogen will help the plant to prepare for the stresses of a hot summer. We recommend using Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser. This fertiliser has a combination of both fast and slow-release granules, is suitable for all lawn varieties and will aid your lawn with a sustained boost to help improve the overall health of the lawn.

Granular fertilisers are extremely popular and easy to apply. Plant roots take up nutrients in a liquid form, so granular fertilisers are slower to deliver nutrients because they must first break down and dissolve in water in the soil. The great benefit of this is that you can deliver a small but constant feed to your lawn over 8 weeks. This gives improved growth which is sustained over time as opposed to instant but short-lived results.

Premium Slow-Release Granular Fertiliser

Packed with both fast and slow-release granules with essential nutrients and trace elements to encourage strong growth and rich colour. Ideal for Sir Walter DNA Certified, TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda, Sir Grange Zoysia, Eureka Kikuyu, and all other lawn types. Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser is ideal for home lawns, sports fields, and golf courses.

The combination of both fast and slow-release granules provides an initial boost soon after the fertiliser is applied and will continue to release nutrients to the lawn for up to 12 weeks after application. This will aid in a sustained growth pattern for a better lawn. Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser is conveniently available in both a 4kg & 10kg bucket.

For more information check the video below.