Sir Grange Zoysia

A fine-blade, with a beautiful dark green colour. This premium turf variety is very low maintenance.

Sir Grange is a stunning, non-invasive turf variety that requires very little maintenance once established. It’s suitable for full sun & partly shaded areas and is the perfect choice for those looking for a showpiece home lawn that encounters low levels of traffic.

  • Very high shade tolerance (min. 3 hours of direct sunlight/day once established)
  • Extremely low maintenance – up to 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties – the ’no mow grass’
  • Slow growing & looks fantastic at a wide range of heights
  • Handles full sun situations very well

(Please note we always recommend installing Sir Grange Zoysia on 100 – 200mm of washed-river sand. Avoid using soil or compost mixtures).

The History of Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange is a fine-bladed Zoysia Matrella that was hand selected from over 10,000 different turf cultivar varieties. It was developed from one of the largest turf grass breeding programs in the world, by one of the world’s leading turfgrass breeders, Mr David Douget from Blade Runner Farms (BRF) Texas, USA. Sir Grange Zoysia was originally developed for the golf industry but its popularity quickly spread to the residential market, with its many great qualities making it the perfect choice for a home lawn. Sir Grange has since become the #1selling Zoysia grass in the United States.

Sir Grange is now making a name for itself both domestically & commercially here in Australia thanks to its exceptional qualities. Sir Grange is exclusively available to Lawn Solutions Australia Turf Suppliers.

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Drought Resistance

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Drought Resistance


Sir Grange Zoysia handles full sun areas very well & has a high drought resistance once established. Meaning Sir Grange will require little to no watering during winter and can withstand the intense heat of Australian summers. Once established, a Sir Grange lawn will only need water if signs show, or conditions are extreme.

Shade Tolerance

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Shade Tolerance

Very High

Sir Grange Zoysia has excellent shade tolerance. It thrives in full sun & still maintains its beauty even in partly shaded areas. Its shade performance is maximised when wear in the shaded areas is minimal. Sir Grange only requires a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight per day once established.


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Very Low

Water: Sir Grange requires much less water than other turf varieties once established. An established Sir Grange lawn will only need water if it looks dry or conditions are extreme.

Although, during its establishment period, Sir Grange will require approximately 2-3 daily water applications. Being a slow growing variety, this establishment period can be up to 18 weeks in warm growing conditions. It’s recommended to install an automatic irrigation system to ensure these water requirements are met during establishment.

Watering Guide

Mowing: You can mow Sir Grange anywhere between 10-50mm in length or leave it completely unmown, depending on aesthetic preference.

Sir Grange is very slow growing and can be mown at a range of heights. It requires half the mowing of traditional warm season grasses. Even after several years of unmown, Sir Grange will not grow higher than about 30cm.

If kept on the shorter side, regular mowing is still encouraged in peak growing season as this will promote tight-knit, lateral growth; increasing Sir Grange’s wear tolerance and weed & pest resistance.

Fertilising: Sir Grange has been selectively bred to require much less nutrients than traditional warm season grasses. Sir Grange needs about one-third of the fertiliser used on traditional lawns. Two applications per year is plenty: fertilise between early spring and mid to late summer if required/sign show. Application times can vary depending on your region.

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Sir Grange has a reasonable wear tolerance despite its relatively slow growth because of its dense growth habit & strong rhizome system. Its wear tolerance will increase with maturity and root depth. However, we recommend a Sir Grange lawn for low to moderately active areas. Yards with pets & frequent, high foot traffic should consider a faster growing turf variety.


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Sir Grange has a fine, dark green blade, with a dense & non-invasive growth habit. Its naturally manicured aesthetic offers a clean and striking appearance at a variety of heights. The Sir Grange leaf is robust yet soft to touch, making it a pleasure to walk across.

Winter Dormancy

Sir Grange Zoysia is a warm-season turf variety. All warm-season turf varieties will enter a state of dormancy when [soil] temperatures decrease consistently (winter period). Expect your lawn to lose colour during these months as the plant growth rate slows down.

The extent of winter dormancy (colour loss) will vary subject to location, the severity of winter & the turf variety.

For example, most coastal suburbs with healthy lawns will experience low levels of colour loss during a normal winter. However, all warm-season turf varieties will lose most, if not all colour during the cooler months in the Southern Highlands and the ACT regions.

An application of Lawn Solutions ColourGuard Plus* will immediately restore a lush, green colour to your lawn. The product will give both your lawn an instant green look and protect the grass by keeping the blade up to 2 degrees warmer.

*Apply to established lawns only.

Once soil temperatures increase (generally mid-late spring), the plant growth rate will rise, and the lawn will return to its natural green state.

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