Zoysia Australis

The newest addition to Turfco. A tough, hardy, medium-textured Zoysia grass with a beautiful blue/green leaf.

Zoysia Australis is the newest variety to our premium turf range but is quickly becoming a customer favourite. It’s medium-textured, blue/green leaf is eye-catching & unlike any other variety on the market. This tough grass has impressive versatility and is a top choice in many domestic and commercial settings.

  • Fast establishment & regrowth – good wear tolerance for a Zoysia grass
  • Versatility in a range of conditions and climates
  • Disease resistant
  • Reasonable shade tolerance (min. 4 hours of direct sunlight/day)

The History of Zoysia Australis

Dr Brian Schwartz bred Zoysia Australis at the world-famous University of Georgia (UGA), Tifton Campus. Dr Schwartz is renowned as the scientist behind the release of the highly successful  TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda.

Zoysia Australis arrived in Australia in 2018 with a range of other elite Zoysia grasses. Zoysia Australis was selected for commercial release after extensive trials in a range of conditions and applications.

At Turfco, our first paddock of Zoysia Australis was planted in April 2022. We harvested our first roll of Zoysia Australis in the spring of 2023. A steady stream of orders and a growing popularity for our new premium turf variety has since followed. Zoysia Australis is exclusively available to Lawn Solutions Australia Turf Suppliers.

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Drought Resistance

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Drought Resistance


Zoysia Australis has a good drought tolerance and resistance to heat making it an ideal lawn for the Australian climate. It embraces the warmth and stands strong, retaining a great, lush, green colour even in harsh heat environments.

Shade Tolerance

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Shade Tolerance


Zoysia Australis flourishes in full sun situations. It has reasonable shade tolerance, accepting medium shaded areas. Zoysia Australis performs best with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.


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Water: Zoysia Australis grows a deep root system that needs little water to thrive. During establishment, Zoysia Australis will require at least 2-3 daily water applications. Once established Zoysia Australis requires very minimal water inputs, only as signs show will an Australis require a deep soaking.

Watering Guide

Mowing: You can mow Zoysia Australis anywhere between 20-50mm in length. We encourage regular mowing to promote tight-knit, lateral growth; improving its wear tolerance, and resistance to weeds & pests. For best results, we suggest mowing Zoysia Australis 1-2 weeks in peak growing season.

Fertilising: Zoysia Australis was bred to require fewer inputs. We only recommend fertilising an Australis lawn twice a year: mid spring & again in late autumn. Application times can vary depending on your region. Fertilising isn’t necessarily required during the warmer months.

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With a tight growth habit and good wear tolerance, Zoysia Australis is fast to repair itself when damaged, particularly for a Zoysia grass. Zoysia Australis will grow deep roots with its fast-growing stolons and rhizomes enabling it to recover quickly from high wear.


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Zoysia Australis has a medium, blue/green leaf that is very soft underfoot. Its appearance offers a new alternative to grasses like Kikuyu. When it comes to the changing of the season and during dormancy Zoysia Australis can develop a beautiful red hue.

Winter Dormancy

Zoysia Australis is a warm-season turf variety. All warm-season turf varieties will enter a state of dormancy when [soil] temperatures decrease consistently (winter period). Expect your lawn to lose colour during these months as the plant growth rate slows down.

The extent of winter dormancy (colour loss) will vary subject to location, the severity of winter & the turf variety.

For example, most coastal suburbs with healthy lawns will experience low levels of colour loss during a normal winter. However, all warm-season turf varieties will lose most, if not all colour during the cooler months in the Southern Highlands and the ACT regions.

An application of Lawn Solutions ColourGuard Plus* will immediately restore a lush, green colour to your lawn. The product will give both your lawn an instant green look and protect the grass by keeping the blade up to 2 degrees warmer.

*Apply to established lawns only.

Once soil temperatures increase (generally mid-late spring), the plant growth rate will rise, and the lawn will return to its natural green state.

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