Turfco registrations and accreditations

Lawn Solutions Australia

As Turfco is constantly innovating and researching how to get the best possible product to the end consumer with the best possible service, it was an easy decision to apply to join and be selected for the Lawn Solutions Australia network.

Lawn Solutions Australia is an association of more than 40 of the best turf farms nationwide. From Berry to Broome, this niche group amounts to over 55% of the total volume of turf sold in our beautiful country annually. Finally commercial and domestic customers alike have a standard they know and will be extremely happy with.

When buying turf from a Lawn Solutions grower you are not only backed by a 10 year turf product warranty, but you also know that the turf you are receiving is of the highest quality with the best possible service.


AusGAP is the Australian turf accreditation program, established for the country’s leading turfgrass producers such as Turfco to provide consumers with assurance that their turf adheres to a stringent set of quality standards.

The AusGAP certification system not only ensures the genetic purity of a turf-grass variety where appropriate; it provides assurance that the entire production, delivery and installation process is undertaken to the highest industry standards.

AusGAP incorporates the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP), a quality assurance program used throughout the world.

Under the AusGAP program, Turfco is responsible for the genetic purity of the AusGAP certified grasses sold in a wholesale, commercial or retail capacity. The grower must meet minimum standards as directed by AusGAP covering the entire production, sales and delivery process.

AusGAP stipulates that to achieve certification, all stock will pass a pre-harvest test to be visually free of disease, weeds and pest damage and be true-to-turf-type and free of any other foreign varieties at the time of harvest.

All new on-farm turf-crop planting-stock is to be pre-approved by AusGAP to assure satisfactory varietal identity and purity which is to be maintained throughout the production process.

Satisfactory compliance with the AusGAP program will allow the grower to be awarded twelve-monthly renewable AusGAP certification.

There are four main components of AusGAP that allow for the highest standards in turf production to be achieved by encompassing all facets of turf grower operations;

  • Business and regulatory compliances
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Staff welfare and safety
  • Maximum levels of customer satisfaction

Turf Australia

Turf Australia is the peak industry body for Australia’s turf growers.

The Mission of Turf Australia is to support its members and lead a profitable sustainable natural turfgrass industry.

BNG Conserve

​Turfco is registered and has pre-accreditation with BNG Conserve.

BNG Conserve ensures all relevant contractor information is valid and current.