Established in 1987, Turfco began as a small family-owned and operated business.

Turf farming was still a fairly new industry then and was treated by the local council as quarrying, with mountains of legislation and approval processes, which at the time saw the business almost give up.

However, after being successful in changing state legislation, Turfco pressed on to become one of the country’s most successful turf businesses.

Throughout its history Turfco has been an industry leader; Turfco was the first turf farm to introduce Couch, Fescue, Zoysia and Soft leaf Buffalo to the region.

We offer the option to pick up turf 5 days a week within our office hours; Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. We cut turf to order meaning we require at least 2-3 days notice from the point of placing your order to the collection day.

When Turfco commenced all turf was harvested by walk-behind harvesters with turf being hand rolled on the ground then manually loaded and then unloaded onto trucks. In 1993 Turfco imported the first automatic harvester from the USA and today all turf is now harvested by machines that harvest and deliver turf on a conveyor belt.

The turf is quality checked on the belt and placed on pallets and forklift loaded onto trucks. These innovative machines even have laser guided steering. As a result, turf harvesting is no longer the back breaking job it once was.

Turfco intends to still be taking care of its customers in the Shoalhaven, Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands in another 35 years, and will continue to lead the way in the industry through the use of the latest technology and knowledge, combined with the highest levels of service.




Our Berry-based turf farm was established in 1987, although not under the now renowned Turfco name. Originally, our turf farm was coined “Budget Turf Supplies”. It was not long after in the following year of 1988, our company title was rebranded to “South Coast Turf”.


A series of regular business name changes ensued, from “Classic Turf Nursery” right through to “The Berry Turf Company” until resting on the final change, “Turfco” in 1988.

It was 2 years after this definitive change that this sign was built and placed on the front fence at our Berry farm.

The font and the logo at the head of the sign would remain a key component in our signature branding right up until the early 2000s.

Today, some 33 years later, this historic sign stands proudly in our office at our Jaspers Brush farm, paying homage to our early beginnings and honouring the evolution of our entire business over the past 35 years.



Our trucks were on a similar trajectory. In cohesion with our name change and sign establishment in 1990, our trucks switched from white to yellow.


The trucks remained this proud yellow colour right up until 2013 when our vehicles embraced a green and white branding. The change coincided with the launch of Lawn Solutions (a national network of locally owned, and mostly family-operated turf businesses) across Australia. All members of LSA, including Turfco, adopted this change, which resulted in the green dual branding seen across our fleet today. This modernised colouring is now on over 400 trucks, Utes and cars across Australia, demonstrating the consolidation of various turf farms as proud LSA members.

2013 – Today


“The Best Instant Lawns” was the original tagline of Turfco. Shortly after it changed to “Growers of High-Quality Turf”, amongst others. It was then substituted by “A Cut Above” in the late 90s.
The late 1990s

The tagline was once again switched in 2010 to “Lawns for Life”, followed by a few other slogans in the time since.


In 2020, we transitioned to the tagline we still have today “Beauty in Every Blade”.

2020 – Today


Did you know that we have a turf display area here at our farm? Visit our office location in Jaspers Brush to see, feel and compare our premium turf varieties before you make the purchase!
Buying a lawn is a big decision, and we want to make sure you’re confident in your choice. Choosing the right grass for your home can seem overwhelming with the different varieties that are available. At Turfco we have a lawn that’s right for you.

aus certi

We're AusGAP Certified

Ensuring the genetic purity of turfgrass

AusGAP – the Australian Turf Certification Program – has been created for the country’s leading turfgrass producers to provide consumers with assurance that their turf adheres to a stringent set of quality standards.The AusGAP certification system not only ensures the genetic purity of a turfgrass variety where appropriate; it provides assurance that the entire production, delivery, and installation process is undertaken to the highest industry standards.AusGAP is your assurance that the turf delivered to site has been grown to the highest possible quality standards. AusGAP is Australia’s leading turf-quality certification program that has been adopted by the best turf producers in Australia.

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