Commercial turf installation for the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, South Coast and Southern Highlands
Turfco prides itself on sustainable farming practices. Our Picturesque farm located in Jaspers Brush fortunately receives majority of our irrigation water harvested from rainfall into our dams.
Our turf typically depends more on the elements than other turf farms as we believe that if the turf is established in a more realistic, natural environment it will be more suited to the area it ends up in. Fortunately we are situated in a climate where our average rainfall is around 60 inches a year, significantly reducing the need for excessive irrigation.


A question we are often asked is “How come your paddocks do not get lower each time you harvest the turf?”
We mulch mow all of our turf, meaning lots of organic matter from the turf clippings is placed back into the soil along with the use of organic fertilisers such as Poultry Manure.
This combined with sustainable harvesting techniques reduce the amount of top soil removed when harvesting turf.

Recycled water

Our Jaspers Brush farm near Berry is uniquely situated on a hill below a beautiful coastal escarpment. With our catchment drains we are able to recycle the majority of excess rainwater which then flows into our dams to be used for irrigation if needed, meaning we minimise the need to draw water from local waterways.

There are also a number of reasons why turf is naturally good for the environment. These include:

  • Turf loves stopping erosion
  • Encourages healthy living, outdoors and exercising
  • Absorbs heat, breaks up radiant energy, reducing glare and has a cooling effect
  • Reduces Co2 emissions and generates oxygen