Lawn Solutions Fertiliser

Supercharge your lawn with this premium lawn food that’s ideal for all lawns.



Whilst originally developed for Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, this premium well balanced fertiliser will also work on other varieties such as Eureka Kikuyu, RTF Fescue, Nullarbor Couch and Platinum Zoysia. Lawn Solutions Fertiliser comes in a handy re-sealable and reusable bucket.

Buy Lawn Solutions Fertiliser online or ask Turfco to supply it directly with your turf order.

Treating areas up to 500m2, there is also a small area option of a 4kg tub which will cover up to 200m2. Ensure that this premium fertiliser is always well watered in after application to avoid any possible leaf burn. Turfco can provide Lawn Solutions Fertiliser with your turf delivery, just ask our friendly team when you are confirming your online turf order.

Comes in two convenient sizes

  • 4kg – This tub will cover an area of approximately 200 square metres.
  • 10kg – This tub will cover an area of approximately 500 square metres.


Keep out of reach of children. Read safety directions before opening or using.

Shipping & Handling

Can only be purchased with a purchase of Turfco turf

Delivered or collected with your turf order

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