Turfco recommends the use of ColourGuard

ColourGuard may be used all year round to add cosmetic appeal to various turf areas and lawns. The formulation consists of natural ingredients that will not harm the health or growth of the turf.

ColourGuard delivers micron sized organic pigments into the tiny pores of the leaf tissues via a water spray application.

This the longest colour retention and fade resistance on the market. It can be used to enhance or fabricate mowing patterns. It also hides stressed areas and even protects the grass in cold temperatures or high heat. It can also assist by also reducing water consumption.

ColourGuard comes in 2 sizes to suit domestic applications:

100ml Concentrate – This will cover an area of approximately 200 square metres.

2L Ready to Use – This will cover an area of approximately 150 square metres.

10L Concentrate – Also available for commercial applications.

Turfco ColourGuard Application Service

Turfco can enhance your lawn using ColourGuard and our specially designed applicator. For more information contact us today!

If you have any questions regarding ColourGuard please don’t hesitate to call us on 4464 2033 or email sales@turfco.com.au
For more information visit Lawn Solutions Australia
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