Bringing your backyard back to life

Many of us have held barbecues, a get-together or backyard sports events. These activities usually leave our lawns in desperate need of TLC.

Backyard party

The simplest way to nurture your lawn back to full health is to give it time to recover. Like you, your lawn needs to be left alone to rest after a big event. Keep the kids and pets away so your lawn (and you) can relax and focus on rejuvenation.


If the event was a particularly big one, you may need to do more than just give it a rest. If the lawn is flattened from excessive traffic, try raking the grass lightly to encourage the blades to stand up again.

Aerating, fertilising and resuming your normal watering routine, will also encourage growth and help the nutrients penetrate to the roots of the grass. Within a few days your lawn should be looking much healthier.


Like any great event, the best way to ensure your lawn is durable enough to recover from these events happens during preparation.

Take some simple steps in preparation to have your lawn in the best condition possible. This assists it it to make a speedy recovery.

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Following these steps, you will have your lawn fit and ready for the next big event! If not, give us a call to help you determine your next steps.

For more information on lawn care visit our Lawn Care page.