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This has been one of the hottest summers on record. If you were paying attention to your landscape, this will come as no surprise, as the heat and drought certainly stressed many of our lawns and trees. The eventual rains brought much welcomed relief to our area, and just in time. By now most lawns have recovered nicely from the drought.

With Autumn upon us, don’t forget to pick up the leaves in your yard. Leaving fallen foliage all winter can cause mould to develop on the grass underneath, and could even kill the turf. There’s nothing worse than finding out your lawn has been damaged. Rake up those leaves and toss them to the curb!

Warm season grass varieties will begin to experience varying forms of dormancy over the colder months, so Autumn is a great time to make sure your lawn is fit, healthy and strong for the harsh colder weather ahead.


We recommend fertilising three times a year, with Autumn being the most important of them all. Using Lawn Solutions Fertiliser will provide your lawn with good nourishment before Winter and will encourage healthy root development, with a stronger lawn making it harder for weeds to establish throughout Winter.


Autumn is also a great time to aerate your lawn with a garden fork as it helps rejuvenate a tired lawn and get it ready for winter.

Turfco has an aerating service that includes aerating your lawn with our specialised machinery and fertilising your lawn with Lawn Solutions Fertiliser.

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*Pest Alert – Army Worm*

These pests can do serious damage to lawns very quickly and have been found in the area recently. Symptoms include leaf shredding and thinning out of lawns. They are active around the summer months into early autumn. Control is with an insecticide such as Grub Guard applied by spraying the lawn later in the day and leaving it on the leaf, as the insects eat the leaves of the lawn they ingest the insecticide and perish. An application of fertiliser will help with recovery of any affected areas.