Lawn Area Calculator

When it’s time to get quotes for your new lawn, you will need to know how many square metres you require. Use our handy turf calculator to estimate your turf area.

  1. To measure the area of your planned lawn, prepare a sketch including any paths, gardens, pool etc.
  2. Then break the areas up into shapes, e.g. circle, square, triangle for easier calculations. See diagrams below.
  3. Then use a tape measure and record actual dimensions.
  4. Make sure you order a few extra rolls to allow for falling short and for offcuts
  5. Keeping in mind each roll is equivalent to about 1m2. Measuring 1.8m long and 0.585cm wide, with a depth of .25mm to .30mm depending on the grass species chosen. See example below.
  • Area calculationArea calculation
  • Area calculation
  • Area calculationArea calculation

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