Turfing large areas

Large area turf supply and installation

Turfco has been successfully turfing large areas and establishing parklands, golf courses, acreage, ovals and erosion control sites throughout Illawarra, the South Coast and the Southern Highlands for over 30 years.

We have a variety of methods used to establish turf over larger areas being 2,000m2 and over, from instant turf through to sprig planting.

Instant turf is the quickest finish for large areas with the lowest risk, however our other options such as sprig planting can deliver the same result just over a longer period of time. 

Area preparation

Like any turfing job correct preparation is key to a lawn for life. All turfing methods require correct preparation. Turfco can offer services or recommend how to best prepare your large area to get the desired result whilst being cost effective. 

Large area Turf Installation

Turfco can provide turf installation for any size area whether it is a 50m2 backyard or a 10,000m2 lawn on acreage. For large areas we can assist in installation time frame recommendations to ensure the lawn establishes well. Contact us today for large area turf installation 


To enquire about our large area establishment services please contact us for a discussion.

Planting Methods

Sprig planting

Sprig Planting is a cost effective and efficient way of achieving a desirable and user friendly sports surface.

We have been planting our production paddocks in the Berry Region for over 20 years using this process.

Over planting

If your existing field is tired or worn out and time is not there for a rebuild, Turfco has a unique overplanting machine that allows new turf to be planted into the area without taking the field out of action.

Over planting is a great alternative to a new field if time or budget is working against you.

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