Husqvarna AutoMower 105

This compact 3-wheeled robotic mower is suitable for smaller lawns up to 600m2. With the ability to handle slopes with an incline of 25% it’s efficient at mowing more open grass areas. Easy to use and offering personal settings, the Husqvarna AutoMower 105 is available in a Polar white colour as an option


The smart way to mow

It used to take time and effort to keep your lawn looking nice and healthy. With the Husqvarna AutoMower, tedious yard work is a thing of the past as this robotic concept does the work for you. With the ability to operate unsupervised and so quiet that you can use it overnight, the AutoMower is a practical solution for mowing your lawn, rain or shine.

Never mow again

The battery driven AutoMower automatically trims your entire lawn. Working within an electronic fence created by a boundary wire, the AutoMower moves in a random pattern to find every corner in your garden.

No need to collect clippings

The AutoMower produces tiny clippings which are distributed back into your lawn to act as a natural fertiliser.

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Shipping & Handling

Can only be purchased with a purchase of Turfco turf

Delivered or collected with your turf order

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