Husqvarna Auto Mowers

Too many people time and time over invest in their new lawn but do not have the time to invest in keeping the lawn its best. Huskvarna’s Automowers mowers have turned traditional lawn mowing upside down and for the better!

No longer do we let the lawn get long and ugly then cut it too short – the Automower can mow 24/7 wet or dry whilst maintaining the perfect height without wasting a minute of your day. The Automower gives you more free time to play on or admire your lawn whilst also keeping the grass looking its best! Not to mention no fuel cans stinking out the garage or waking everyone up with your noisy mower.

This is why Turfco loves Huskvarna Automower Robotic lawn mowers:

  • Completely controlled from your smartphone
  • Silent mowing allowing lawn to be cut at night so you can enjoy the lawn through the day
  • Lawn always looks great as the same height is maintained
  • No grass clippings to be collected after mowing
  • Electronically charged meaning no fuel or cords
  • Cuts in wet and dry conditions
  • Fits into tight places where most mowers cannot reach
  • Extremely low maintenance with little upkeep

The best time to install your new Automower is the day before your Turfco Turf arrives, so when the turf is laid all you need is water! Order along with your Turfco turf order, or contact us for advice or to schedule a demonstration. 

Husqvarna AutoMower 430X X-LINE


Husqvarna AutoMower 450X X-LINE


Husqvarna AutoMower 315X X-LINE


Husqvarna AutoMower 315


Husqvarna AutoMower 105