Do you only need a small quantity of turf?

You can collect your new lawn from our farm!

Do you only need a small amount of turf? Perhaps you’re just patching up an area or you only have a small yard. Well we’ve got you covered here at Turfco! We offer small turf pick ups from our turf farm here in Jaspers Brush.

We offer the option to pick up turf 5 days a week within our office hours; Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. We cut turf to order meaning we require at least 2-3 days notice from the point of placing your order to the collection day.

Please keep in mind that due to our WHS Policies, we’re unable to load the turf into your vehicle for you. You will be required to self-load the turf rolls into your vehicle yourself. But we have easily accessible pick up bays where you’re able to park your car right beside your turf to then hand-load it into your vehicle.

It’s for this reason that we cap our pick ups at a maximum of 30m2. We can do any increment within this limit starting at 1m2.

Turf pick up

The weight of the turf can vary depending on the weather conditions the days preceding the time of harvesting. If there has been rainfall surrounding the time of harvesting, the weight of the turf will increase.

As a rule of thumb, the turf roles can each weigh anywhere between 15-20kgs (weight is subject to weather conditions). The turf rolls are equal to 1m2 with their dimensions approximately 1.8m in length and 585mm in width.

We recommend brining a pair of gloves and a tarp to ensure as little mess as possible. If your travelling in a Ute, trailer, or truck we require the load of turf to be secured with appropriate strapping and/or covering before leaving our premise.

We’re located at 270 Princes Highway Jaspers Brush 2535, just 5 minutes south of beautiful Berry.

For more information on suitable vehicles for your turf quantity please read our Pickup Capacity Guide below.

Turf pick up capacity
  • These quantities (m2) are calculated for dry turf. A turf roll (1m2) can weigh between 15-20kg, depending on the weather conditions surrounding the time of harvesting.
  • *A turf roll is equal to 1m2 (1800mm in length, 585mm in width).
  • *When rolled up, a turf roll measures roughly 250-280mm in diameter (depending on turf type, weather, etc) and 585mm in length.
  • *We have a maximum of 30m2 for domestic turf pickups. Pickup customers are required to hand-load their turf into an appropriate vehicle.
  • *Suitable strapping and covering are to be placed over your load to ensure your turf is secured safely.
Turf Rolls

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