Turf all year round

We are lucky to have a climate that allows for the installation of Turfco turf all year round.

From how much water you need in summer for your new lawn to establishing a new lawn in winter, here are some useful Turfco tips on how to install your new lawn all year round.

Establishing a new lawn in spring

In spring your new will actively start to establish quite quickly. Always use a lawn starter such as Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher and water your new lawn twice a day for the first couple of weeks. Ensure the roots are kept moist at all times. Once your Turfco lawn is established you can gradually reduce the amount you water as required.

Establishing a new lawn in summer

An Aussie summer can be brutal! Especially here on the South Coast and in the Southern Highlands. Even our most drought tolerant lawn  will require a good amount of water in the early days. It is essential to water your new lawn twice a day for at least the first couple of weeks. Don’t forget – long, deep soakings are best.

Don’t forget the lawn Solutions Lawn Launcher under your turf as it has water crystals that will absorb water for greater water retention.

Establishing a new lawn in autumn

As soil temperatures begin to reduce, lawns are still growing but will take a little longer. Again, don’t forget the starter fertiliser. If we get hit with some of those strong Illawarra winds, make sure you keep the water up as this will dry out the soil quickly.

Establishing a new lawn in Winter

We are lucky enough to be able to lay turf at any time of year – even winter. While most grasses go into some form of dormancy, as long as there is no frost you can still establish your new lawn. Generally, most coastal areas still have adequate warmth in the soil to allow the new lawn to establish, albeit much slower than normal. You probably won’t see much leaf growth until the weather picks up. But, as long as there is no frost, your new lawn will establish and you’ll be ready to enjoy your garden when the sun comes back.


Turfco have a turf type to suit every situation. From Australia’s number 1 buffalo lawn, Sir Walter DNA Certified to TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda and Sir Grange Zoysia through to Eureka Kikuyu. Call us on 1300 TURFCO for more information on establishing your new lawn at any time of year.

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