How to care for your lawn during the August winds

Want to know how to care for your lawn when the wind rolls in? You’ve come to the right place.

Butterfly on lawn

Having a coastline as beautiful as we do here on the South Coast of New South Wales means we are blessed with some pretty amazing scenery. But with these breathtaking views comes a gusty catch; where winter certainly doesn’t go quietly.

With the arrival of the final month of winter comes a roaring blow of winds. Some may find these August winds comforting, reminding them that spring is just around the corner.

But when it comes to lawn care during high winds, there’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.


As we enter August with spring on its way, all warm-season turf variety will still be in a period of dormancy.

Dormancy is a time in which the plant’s growth rate is significantly reduced and the turf will lose some of its natural green colour. This is the turf practicing a protection strategy, conserving all its energy where it is needed the most within the roots of the plant.

Once soil temperature begins to rise back above 14 degrees Celsius, your lawn will make its way out of dormancy and return to its natural green colour.

Click here for further information on winter dormancy.

The effects of wind on your lawn

Watering your lawn

The high wind conditions in the winter months will result your lawn drying out a lot quicker than usual, and making the task of watering a little tricky. 

The winds make it nearly impossible to keep the water from your irrigation landing where it is intended. Try avoid the usual hand watering routine; unless you want to end up soaked and waste a whole heap of water in the process!

The best measure is to wait out the wind letting it eventually pass. Once the gusty weather clears, now would be the perfect time to rehydrate your lawn with a deep soaking.

Although the may winds delay your regular scheduled watering, it is important that you continue monitoring moisture levels by feeling deep into the thatch (just above the soil). Only water if this area feels particularly dry.

Try to water your lawn minimally, only doing so as needed, keeping an eye on the moisture levels and the appearance of your lawn.

Ideally, we recommend watering your lawn of a morning to avoid any unnecessary frost exposure.

You can prepare!

Monitor the weather forecast to determine if wind is on the way. Prepare and save yourself some trouble by giving your lawn a good soak prior. 

Spring is coming…

With spring just around the corner we bet you’ll be busting get stuck into all the usual spring maintenance. But if strong winds are heavily prevalent you may just want to hold off on a few things…

Lawn activities to Avoid during high wind periods

Spraying herbicides

Most importantly you want to avoid spraying any chemical herbicides on your lawn during wind. Even the slightest breeze will be enough to cause spray drift which is not only a waste of chemical and your money, but bad for the surrounding environment.

Spreading or spraying fertilisers

In order to get even application, it is important your fertiliser spreads across the area evenly and once on the ground doesn’t get blown away before it is able to go deep into the soil profile.

Check out Lawn Solutions YouTube video on for more information on caring for you lawn in high wind weather.

We promise it will be worth the wait. Once the wind has passed spring will have arrived ensuring the perfect time to go ahead with your desired lawn care. You can even download the Turfco Lawn Care Calendar to find out what you should be doing for your lawn this time of year.