Got worms?

In your lawn that is. Earthworms to be more specific.

Worms are pleasant creatures that actually brilliant for your lawn’s health as they are busily working away beneath the surface. If earthworms are present in your soil, it means you have healthy soil containing a good amount of organic material, so there is no reason to worry about them. If anything, you should be more worried if they are not present. This will likely mean your soil is lacking in nutrients and a good amount of organic matter.

Earthworm benefits

Why would earthworms be considered a problem for your lawn?

Well the main reason you tend to notice there are worms in your lawn is when they come up to the surface. During spring and again in autumn, or times of increased moisture, earthworms will rise to the surface and start leaving castings also known as mud balls. Castings are small mounds of worm excrement or digested organic matter, which is beneficial for your lawn. The only issue here is the appearance of these castings on top of your lawn, particularly if there are heaps of them.

What you can do about earthworm castings

So next time you see these little mounds in your lawn, give yourself a pat on the back, reduce their appearance and enjoy the benefits they are providing to your soil and your lawn.

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