Turfco Cows

The famous Turfco Cows!

You can find us near the highway on the Turfco farm just south of Berry, NSW. Look for us on the left hand side as you drive south through Jaspers Brush and check out what we are up to!

Our unofficial mascot

The Turfco Cows have been an unofficial mascot for Turfco for over 7 years. Over this time they have developed a strong following in the local area and for many travellers passing by.

There are three of them, a cow, a calf and a bull. The Turfco Cows regularly change their appearance and love to celebrate the many events and holidays throughout the year with different displays including Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, the popular State of Origin displays and many other community events also throughout the year.


Turfco’s Scott Parker

Scott Parker is the creative mind behind the different Turfco Cows displays. Scott loves developing different ideas for the cows and appreciates the community reaction that he receives after a new display is unveiled.

Read more about Scott and his Turfco Cow displays on ABC Open.

If you are driving through the area, don’t forget to keep a look out for the cows and share their latest costume change on social media with your friends and family!


Everyone loves the Turfco Cows!…

“I have driven past your highway display cows just north of Nowra for years, and always look forward to seeing the latest creation. I appreciate your enormous effort that goes into the decoration and themes. The delight you bring to so many with this display is immeasurable and I want to be sure you know how much you are appreciated.”– With enduring gratitude, Enid.


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