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What size are the rolls of turf?

All our rolls are approximately 1.8m long by 0.585m wide. 1 roll = 1 square metre. Thickness is approximately 35mm.

How Much Does the Turf Weigh?

Each roll can weigh from 15kg-20kg. A pallet of 50m2 can weigh from 700kg- 1,000kg (1 tonne).

How do i measure my area?

Visit the Turfco Turf Calculator on our website. This will provide step by step information and assistance to ensure the correct measurements. We do recommend allowing an extra 5% of turf for any odd areas or shapes.

Can i pick up my turf?

Yes. Although we have a maximum of 30m2 for pick-ups. It is a self-load situation and your turf requires proper covering and a suitable trailer/vehicle to handle the weight of the turf before leaving the premise.

How Big are the delivery trucks?

The trucks are 12m in length, 3.8m high, 2.5m wide. Please provide any accessibility specifications and additional delivery instructions upon placing your order.

Does turfco provide a turf installation service?

Yes. We offer both a standard and premium Installation Service. We do require photos of the access point and the area to be laid at least 48 hours prior to the delivery and installation. If we unable to access the area with a forklift, a restricted access fee will be applicable. Please call us for further information.

Please note, we do not water the turf after installation.

How do i install my new lawn?

Evenly spread Lawn Launcher on top of your top soil, lay turf in brickwork pattern starting at furthest point of yard. Cut around any odd shapes, remembering to any keep offcuts. Please contact us for more information.

Can turfco prepare my area?

No. We do not prepare the area for you. We can recommend our preferred landscapers within your area. Please contact us for further information.

How do i prepare my area?

Hand pull and kill off any weeds or existing turf. Apply 100-150mm of top soil. Please contact us for further information as this step can vary depending on your chosen turf variety.

How much do i need to water my new turf?

You should be watering twice daily (morning & evening) until your lawn is fully established. Ensure your turf receives a deep soaking both morning and evening, before reducing the amount to once every 2 or 3 days in the following weeks. Timing can vary depending on your turf variety and seasonal changes.

Quick tip; place a glass on your lawn and wait until it is half full for each watering. This ensures your turf receives the accurate dose of water for each application.

How long will it take for my lawn to establish?

Depending on the time of year (season), the weather, and the variety of turf you have chosen the establishment period will vary. It can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. A good identification will be when you cannot easily lift your turf from the ground, meaning the roots have taken.

Can i install turf in winter?

Yes. But be wary that once the temperatures drop significantly warm seasoned turf will enter a period of dormancy. This means your lawns growth will slow down & a slight discolouration will ensue. It may take additional time to establish and may not completely establish until Spring.

This change in growth normally occurs in warm-season grasses at soil temperatures of around 14 degrees Celsius and below. It’s not until soil temperatures consistently rises above this temperature that your lawn will start to speed up its growth again.
ColourGuard is a liquid fertiliser containing natural pigments that is absorbed into the leaf. This will assist your turf holding colour during the Winter period.

How long until I mow my new lawn for the first time?

Mowing a new lawn should be undertaken when no new rolls of turf can be picked up, or when every roll has established into the turf underlay. Mow at the highest setting for the first couple of mows, never cutting more than one third of the blade at a time.

How/when should I fertilise my lawn?

Depending on your chosen turf variety, we recommend fertilising your lawn 3 times a year with Lawn Solutions Fertiliser. Refer to our Lawn Care Calendar for the best time of year to do so.

What can I do about urine burns on the grass from my dog?

This can be easily solved by adding dog rocks to your dog’s water bowl and the burn patches should stop. These are available for purchase from the Lawn Solutions Australia website.

I have purple coloured seed heads on my Sir Walter? How do I get rid of them?

When Sir Walter is hungry or in distress it will shoot out seed heads. This is Sir Walter’s way of going into survival mode and lets you know that it requires a feed with Lawn Solutions Fertiliser and a good watering.

Should I fertilise before I spray for weeds?

Using Lawn Solutions Australia’s weed control product will get rid of the weeds, following up with fertiliser will then strengthen the grass to help choke out future weeds and kill them at a faster rate. By fertilising first, you are encouraging the growth of the weeds.

How does Grub Guard work?

Simply use pre-mixed Grub Guard and spray the affected and surrounding areas. Grub Guard is not hazardous and therefore no gloves are needed, it is worth noting that some grubs may take up to 2 applications.

When should I use Lawn Rescue?

Lawn Rescue can be used as soon as the turf is laid as a starter fertiliser if Sir Launcher was not applied underneath. This can also be used as a lawn multivitamin or a ‘quick fix’ to pretty up the lawn rapidly, keeping in mind that Lawn Rescue is only a tissue fertiliser fertilising only the leaf.

Do I need to top dress my lawn?

Topdressing is only recommended for fixing any uneven levels in your lawn that may have appeared over time. Other than this, top dressing is not really required. Read this article on Top Dressing your lawn.

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