Fast and effective grass seeding for large spaces.

Hydromulching, sometimes referred to as hydroseeding or spraygrass, is a grass planting process which is often more effective than conventional seeding and in many cases more economical than conventional turfing over large areas.

The hydromulching process

This process begins by mixing mulch, seed, fertiliser and water in the tank of a spray grass machine. The mixed material is then pumped from the tank and sprayed onto the ground. Once applied to the soil, the combined material enhances initial growth by providing a micro-environment beneficial to seed germination.

If the area is well prepared and growing conditions suited, the result will be a smooth and evenly covered surface making it the perfect solution for a variety of large areas.

The mulch material

Mulch products are usually produced from wood or recycled paper, Turfco uses a product called Conwed Fibers. A very specific fibre texture is particularly important in achieving an erosion resistant product which can also be easily pumped with a hydromulching machine. The mulch fibre is dyed green for aesthetics, but the colour is also important so that the thickness of application can be monitored.

The results of hydromulching

Seed bed conditions determine growth rates after germination, for instance warm and moist conditions promote faster seed germination. When all conditions are favourable, in as little as three to four weeks, grass will have excellent coverage and may need mowing.

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  • Thanks Marcus! I have to say you and your team are one of the most professional trades I have come across and the lawn looks great! 

    - Belinda, Greenhills Beach

  • The new lawn looks great! Thank you very much the boys did a top job.

    - Matt, Wollongong

  • Our lawn is looking great, I'm really happy with it; I never thought I would be a lawn person but turns out I am!

    - Mick, West Wollongong

  • Thank you so much for your professionalism and attention to detail with the supply and installation of our Sir Walter at our newly built house. It has totally transformed the look of our home and has provided the finishing touch it so desperately needed.

    - Tim McGoldrick, South Nowra

  • Hi Marcus & Jed, thanks again for your work, we really love our lawn!

    - Gary, Berry

  • Fantastic , I bought it online Wednesday and it was delivered to my door on Friday, doesn't get any better than that. Thanks

    - Warwick, Goulburn

  • Product arrived with good grass growth and a nice root mass. Please pass on my thanks to your team.

    - John, Jim's Mowing, Kiama

  • Just a quick note to thank your guy for a great install - we had the perfect weather for laying (rained all day !!!) Looking a treat and I'll be in touch for more just as soon as this lot is established.

    - Michael, Tallong