Winter is an important time of the year for maintenance of your lawn that will help see it reach peak condition in spring.

Warm season grasses will experience different levels of dormancy depending on your area, meaning your lawn will be experiencing a slow down in growth.

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Keep your lawn weed free!

Because your lawn is at its most vulnerable during winter, weeds are given an opportunity to grow strongly. If you only have a few weeds, dig them out with a hand weeder. If you have more severe weed problems, try a weed wand with glyphosate (roundup), carefully touching the weeds only. For more serious weed problems, you should use a weed control product like All Purpose Weed Control.

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Remove leaves

It is really important to clear any leaves or debris that may be sitting on your lawn to ensure the grass isn’t smothered.

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Trimming of trees that may be causing excessive shade

Ensuring your lawn receives enough sunlight each day is important and Winter can be a good time to cut back where you can. Significant foliage growth occurs during Spring and Summer so the amount of shade can increase substantially causing excessive shade for your lawn.

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Lawn Discolouration

Most lawns will lose a certain amount of colour when the temperatures cool and the grass goes into some level of dormancy. If you want a green lawn all year round, check out ColourGuard! A great natural product that can be sprayed onto your lawn, with a green pigment that is absorbed into the leaf.

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Protecting your lawn from frost

Mow your lawn a little higher during Winter to help reduce the stress of the frost on your lawn.

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ColourGuard is a natural turf grass colourant which lasts for up to 3 months.

ColourGuard instantly restores the natural green colour of grass and can help strengthen your drought or frost-stressed lawn.

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