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Established over 25 years ago, we pride ourselves on not only a top quality product but also excellent service before, during and after the turf gets to your yard. With our years of local knowledge and experience you can be confident that when choosing a new lawn, Turfco can help you choose that ideal Lawn for Life. To further support our confidence, Turfco proudly offers our exclusive 10 year turf product warranty on all of our grasses.

At the forefront of turf innovation

In 1997 Turfco were among the first growers in the country selected to grow Sir Walter Buffalo, then a new and untested grass variety. Today it has become Australia’s favourite lawn, and Sir Walter now makes up the majority of lawn sales at Turfco mainly due to its striking appearance, great shade tolerance and low maintenance. Today Turfco remains at the forefront of turf innovation by using specialised equipment and processes on all of our farms, we can guarantee top quality Turfco Turf regardless of your chosen grass variety.

Premium Grass Types

Which is the right turf for you?

We have a number of premium turf varieties to choose from. But which is the right turf for you? Answer these simple questions and we’ll help you to choose the right lawn.

How shady is the area you want to turf?


How much wear will the lawn get ?


How much water do you have available ?


How much maintenance can you manage ?

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

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Australia’s No.1 Lawn and amazing all-rounder. A soft broad leaf grass variety, with great versatility, low maintenance and a lush, attractive appearance.

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Eureka Kikuyu Grass

Buy Eureka Kikuyu Grass Turf online

A versatile performer with a high growth rate. Fine leaf variety, varying in colour from light to dark green.

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Nullarbor Couch Grass

Buy Nullarbor Couch Grass Turf online

Sporting royalty! A fine leaf grass variety with a luscious green colour perfect for highly maintained and manicured lawns.

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Platinum Zoysia Grass

Buy Platinum Zoysia Grass Turf online

A fine leaf grass variety, soft to touch and well adapted for warmer climates.

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RTF Fescue Grass

Buy RTF Fescue Grass Turf online

A cold climate grass variety with a rich dark green colour and self-repairing qualities.

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Compare Grass Types

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Get a Quote

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Lawn Area Calculator

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