Top Dressing your lawn.

Applying top dressing to your lawn is appropriate when it needs a boost of nutrients, is uneven or contains holes. You should undertake top dressing to repair holes or uneven lawn just prior to the growing season, usually the beginning of Spring. It is important to not to top dress when the lawn plants are in their dormant phase or you run the risk of damaging or even killing the lawn entirely.

Top Dressing to fix holes and uneven lawn

Mow the lawn the day prior to applying the top dressing. The longer the grass the more sandy loam or clean river sand required to cover the area and a deeper layer of soil will make it harder for the grass to grow through. Speak to your local landscape supply company for a recommendation on the amount of loam or sand required for the specific area you need to address.

To even out the lawn

If the area of lawn requiring evening out is only slightly uneven then you can apply a top dressing up to 12mm at once. For areas that are deeper than 12mms apply one layer of 12mm first and then add another layer. Shovel the loam or sand onto the lawn in even piles and then level with a garden leveller. The top of the lawn plants should remain visible.

To fix holes in the lawn

For the repair of a hole deeper than 5cms use a shovel to raise the grass on top of the hole, place top dressing material underneath to elevate the level of the lawn. Then apply the top dressing to address any remaining unevenness as per the instructions above. Remember, the tops of the lawn plants should remain visible and the top dressing needs to be watered in once evenly spread.

Fertilise; before or after?

The recommendation is to fertilise the lawn a week to two before applying a top dressing regardless of whether this is for nutrients or to repair holes or an uneven lawn. This boost to the lawn’s plant growth will assist the turf to push through the dressing more easily and quickly. What you should do after top dressing is to water your lawn. Water just after the application and then maintain regular watering to give the lawn plants a boost after what is a stressful process for them. Click here to see our full range of fertilisers.

Top Dressing for nutrients

This type of top dressing application places a thin layer of organic soil mixture over the area of your lawn and adds organic, natural nutrients and minerals. You would apply a top dressing for nutrients if your lawn is in need of a boost as it will encourage the production of new shoots and result in a thicker lawn with the added benefit of then hindering moss and weed infestations.

Top dressing matter will feed the earthworms releasing nutrients into the soil. An added bonus is that top dressing allows the soil to retain moisture better during drier conditions as well as allowing excess moisture to drain away during heavy rainfall.

When not to Top Dress

Do not top dress on an annual basis regardless of popular belief as this will just accelerate the build-up of thatch. Avoid top dressing if rain is predicted as the wet weather will make the dressing difficult to deal with and make levelling troublesome.