Spring lawn care

Spring is traditionally the kick start of the growing season for the majority of turf varieties, meaning it is a very important time for all lawn lovers! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and everything is starting to grow again.

As temperatures start to rise your soil temperatures will also increase and the lawn starts to grow again, making it an ideal time to fertilise your lawn. We use and recommend Lawn Solutions Fertiliser that is available through our lawn store, this is a specially formulated product developed by Australia’s top turf farmers and is perfect for all lawns!



Spring is also a great time to aerate your lawn with a garden fork as it helps rejuvenate a tired lawn and helps nutrients reach the roots improving the overall health of the lawn.


aerating, spring


Weeding will be a priority in your spring lawn care, close mowing will also assist in getting rid of some of the weeds. Giving your lawn a nice close haircut can also help with de-thatching your lawn if it has built up a thatch layer during the winter and summer months.



Check out Turfco’s Lawn Care Calendar for looking after your lawn all year round!

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